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Who are we?
Handcrafted Beverage

At 3CAT, we're not just a tea shop; we use the best forms of materials to ensure the best tasting experience. Experience the difference between our handcrafted beverages and discover why we're redefining the standards of excellence in the bubble tea industry.

"Pure Bliss in Every Sip"

Our Mission

Welcome to 3CAT Handcrafted Beverage, where each cup is carefully crafted with love to bring you pure delight. Here's what makes us stand out:


Pure Ingredients: Quality is our priority. We exclusively use organic milk from Straus and fresh fruits directly from local farmers. Every sip delivers real perfection, without any compromise.


Handcrafted Toppings: We take pride in handcrafting each topping daily in our kitchen, ensuring unparalleled quality and authenticity in every bite. From our handmade mochis to the creamy goodness of our signature mousse, attention to detail is infused into every cup. While others rely on shortcuts, we start from scratch with every ingredient.

Our missin
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